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Fly Up beauty color HD cosmetics 幻色蝶影專業彩妝

從現在開始,妳也可以擁有完美無瑕的 CAMERA FACE!   為了迎接高解析時代來臨,讓鏡頭下都能呈現高畫質的細緻妝容,FLY UP 幻色蝶影專業彩妝精心研發一款由明星藝人專屬彩妝師、天王天后御用造型師、時尚雜誌攝影大師聯名推薦的 HD Professional Cosmetics高解析數位保養彩妝系列,結合隱形毛孔科技並增添頂級奢華保養成份,由演藝圈打造無數名模天后的造型攝影大師擔任品牌研發顧問,整合專業彩妝概念、攝影光學原理、高解析柔焦技術等數十年豐富經驗,輕鬆創造名模美肌! 幻色蝶影合作的專業領域包含時尚秀場後台、高畫質偶像戲劇、巨星演唱會、電影唱片娛樂產業…等,目前是許多演藝時尚圈藝人指定使用的彩妝,我們也曾為隋棠、瑞莎、陳喬恩、曾愷玹、許嘉凌(Ivy)、藍正龍、黃曉明、陳曉東、白歆惠、戴君竹、葉全真、安心亞、佩甄、陳明真、張安琪、張沁妍、張瑞竹、王麗雅、蔡燦得、黃小柔、Janet、徐可、胡盈禎、王思佳、洪棠…等上百位明星打造妝容。  

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Fly Up HD Professional Cosmetics Canada

FLY UP Beauty Color HD Professional Cosmetics Canada is originated from France, with the Principal Distributor from Taiwan. It is the No. 1 Brand among Taiwan’s Entertainment industry, available in more than 15 counties around the world and has worked with hundreds of celebrities. The launch of the HD Professional Skincare and Make-up series has received countless artists’ and supermodels’ affirmation! HD Professional series’ unique particles of Mirco-finish powder and its invisible pores technology allows the world’s women to show their perfect skin and makeup easily under the lens and camera. And we would like to present the most exquisite skincare and makeup products to our local friends so that you can easily have perfect makeup like a SuperStar!Contact usTel:587-8896607www.kattong.comWeChat: KattongtrendyshopFacebook: KattongtrendyInstagram:...

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