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Fly Up Beauty Ultra 4K HD Makeup Foundation

Fly Up Beauty Ultra 4K HD Makeup Foundation

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The Fly Up Beauty Ultra 4K HD Makeup Foundation is the ideal foundation for creating a flawless complexion. It goes on smoothly and can be used to even out skin tones and texture. Plus, it’s formulated with light-reflecting particles for a naturally radiant finish that lasts all day.


Fly Up Beauty Color Ultra 4K HD Liquid Foundation

An iconic foundation that provides undetectable medium coverage and a blurred, second-skin finish for up to 24 hours.

The sophisticated formula for the model looking without blemishes. Silky and sensual to the touch, it floats across the skin.

How to determine your color:

It comes with 3 colors, it has the automatic color guide system, will match your skin tone perfectly. Just pick what result you want for your look.

Highlighted Ingredients:

The powdery photosensitive particles developed by Super Nano Invisible Pore Technology make the skin hydrated and lustrous and can be integrated into the skin to achieve 100% perfect fit so that the skin texture is as smooth and delicate as soft-focus lighting, and the innovative research and development of "package miniaturization" The technology releases vitamin E and other effective moisturizing nutrients from the powder. Under the high-resolution lens, the skin texture is fine after repairing, especially the anti-oxidation dust-free vacuum microcrystalline bottle, 100% inside and outside protection.

Our #1 foundation worldwide.
Star Foundation! Supermodel nude perfect superb makeup secret!
Lighting concealer + automatic color guide
Powder Photosensitive Particles! Delivers perfect skin.

Suggested Usage:
For Medium Coverage:
-Apply using a Makeup Sponge or flat foundation brush, 
starting at the center and blending out and down.
-Repeat on the chin, followed by the forehead, blending into the hairline.

For Sheer Coverage:
-Apply with your fingertips, beginning at the center of your face and blending out and down.

For Extra Coverage:
For added coverage on any areas, go back and gently tap more foundation onto skin using your fingertips or a brush.


Easy 4 steps to create a flawless model looking:

  1. Fly Up Beauty Color HD Revitalizing Essence
  2. Fly Up HD Makeup Base SPF25 PA+++
  3. Fly Up Beauty Ultra 4K HD Makeup Foundation
  4. HD Loose Powder for Naturally Glowing Skin
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